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Pedro Almodovar- A Mystery or just an on again off again director?


TOMMORROW, I’m going to see Pedro Almodovar’s New movie.

He always intrigued me as a filmmaker.

TYhe buzz is mixed, some adore it, some denounce it, me?

I think that his films were moved betweem truly embarassing films(“Bad Education”,anyone? Or maybe “All about my mother”? Tough decisions, both sucks, while”Talk to her”, is somewhat a notch above..

However, his other films, were as courageous, funny, and emotionally satisfied.As a Gay Director, he understands women, and strangely enough, expose the Male’s Vulnerability,

as a Fellow Medditerranian,, his best films are, to me at least, a feast of Medditteranian Culture at its best; as an Israeli, ex Machoist, and slightly metrosexual, I sometimnes cringe, sometimes sympathise, and most of the time thrilled.


Pedro Almodovar, at his best, belong to directors like De-Sica, Clair, Renoir, and at  his worst, is an embrassment.

Right now, he’s facing a dillema, his Spain is in a rut, and like all Spaniards, he asks himself:”Quo Vadis?”

Wherever I will go?


His films present to me the Spain, I’ve known in the TV’s news, minus the dull moments.

I do hope that he’d pull through, and so his Country.


I will tell you about his latest film, next week.



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