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Almodovar’s New Picture

On Labour’s day, i went to see Pedro Almodovar’s New Pic. .”I’m so excited(Aka:Los Amantes Passajeros” Well, some of the critics were mixed up. Some wrote that it’s his worst movie, others dimmed it so- so What I’m thinking?? Easy. It’s both funny and moving, it’s not so bad at all, in fact, if you go to the movie, knowing what recently happened in Spain, you’d be surprised to see a bittersweet comment on Spain. There have been countless works of art, who used symbolism, plane, ship(Think of all the British WWII Movies, like:”In which we serve”(Lean-Coward 1942)),) but, here the plane and its passengers, are the right metaphor, and the right comment. Think: Spain, Greece, even Israel, are like the mishap plane, . circling in the sky, looking for an airport.Corny? Maybe, perhaps it is, but it works, at least for me. By using a blend of comedy and drama, by employing melodrama( Which by the way I throughly detest), he makes us aware of his country’s fragility. sure a dramatic comedy of Spain’s football Soccer to you Americans, will have me in stitches and root for the movie. I’m soccer’s sucker, among my many personalities, so yes, I would’ve love this kind of movie. But, “I’m so excited(Aka:Los Amantes Passajeros” , while not a great masterpiece, like:”High Heels”.”Kika”‘”or”Women on the verge..”,”The flower of my secret”, or his latest ones like:”Return(Volver)”, or “The skin I live in”, but still I recommend you about this film, it grows on you, it’s funny(especially the trio of gay stewards, speaking in female terms), it’s still marvellous to see how Almodovar;deconstruct Meditteranian Masculinity, well as a gay, he knows a thing or two about this subject, but still I, as a straight-metrosexual, still wanders about the way he understands women. True, there have been some Gay film makers who understood women(Cuckor;everybody, yes, good ol’;Geroge;understood Queens, both male and female), still the most hardest task for a man, any artist, is the depiction of women, and in that capacity, Almodovar is certainly one of the best. Clint Eastwood comes close, and even at times surpass him, but that’s my opinion. Or Howard Hawks, he really did understand women. Anyway, go and see the film, let him grow on you. It will be worth your while.


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