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Hello!Well, as tweeted earlier, I am about to


Well, as tweeted earlier, I am about to recommend and praise a new (2012, actually) Chillean movie called:”Non(see:imdb.’s info), directed by Pablo Laraine.

The movie, is a part of trilogy which dealt with Chile, under Pinochet’s regime, and this one tells about the topple of his regime.

Like any dictators, Augusto Pinochet called for a referndum in 1986, which would reinstate him for life long president. All you have to do is vote for yes for Pinochet or No .,

In an ironic twist of fate, the Nays won in 11% gap. The reasons? Well, The No campagin was done in a very optimistic, and was old like a product, and it worked.

The movie painstaikingly depicts it, it unified three admen and pr consuiltant into one man-Rene Saverda,  A cynical, opportunistic sleek ad man, who recycles phrases in hi sleep, son of an exile and political activist, a fathewr whjose idealistic wife divorced him, he’s not the ideal candidate who can take Pinochet. Mexican Thesp Gal Garcia Barnell, does a fantastic job, presntuing an anti-hero, who becmoes an unlikely and improbable hero.

Unlike his boss Lucho Guzman, who sides with Pinochet, and becomes his stooge, thus form a rift and tention between the two, (while continue to promote other jobs) Larrain’s regular Alfredo Castro, does a chilling and yet pathetic portrayal of a seemingly ruthless, cynical, and yet a amn with some humanity left him’ in the crucial moment, which saves   Rene’s exwife, from a tight spot.


Usually I don’t love overtly political films, they’re either like Costa Gavars’ Z’ or ‘Etat de Siege'(The American-L’Americain), one dimentional, editorials, and utterly boring.

Or worse-They are muddled either/on-the-otjher-side movies, which don’t have a clear stand. God knows, we have movies like that in Israel for too l long(Eran Riklis, sometimes, Uri Barbash, all the time, and occasionaly others)

And yety the ideal political movie is the one who present the complexities, the subtleties of the political situation, and at best presnt his hnerpes as not idealistic, peolle with personal problems, who somehow manage to stand out, to act for their country, their society, Pontecervo’s”Battle of Algiers”, is a prime example of that. His protagonist, is a man who was a thief, his anatagonist-A French Resistance hero, and who’s the bad/good guy?

Or, the best political films are the indirect ones, the one in which there’s not any political angle touting aloud. But the context is such a strong politically motivated film, that you can’t escape the fact, that you actually see a political movie. Think of John Cassavetess films, in particular:”A Woman under the influence”(1974), and see what I mean.

Or if you happen to see Shemi  Zarkin’s films:”Bonjour Mr. Shlomi-“Shlomy’s Stars”), or ” Aviva Mon Amour” (“Aviv my love”), yes the’re definitely political, especially the latter one, who tells about betrayal, both in action and symbolic of the Metropolitan towards the Marginalized people. Even “The world is funny”, gently touch that subject.

So please rush to “Lev” and see Larrain’s fantastic movie, it has even English Subs, so you ‘d really have a smashing time.





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