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My poor purse gone missing-A Dirge

Wow is me
My poor purse, brown, and new, well not so new, gone missing.

I’m depressed, yet optimistic.
Hopefuly, therte are some honest people reemain in this planet, who will find my purse,
thank God, I’m not a completye gaga, and left my credit card at home-Hurray Hurray for Mr. Izahr’s stroke of brilliancy, right?

Anyway, dear reeaders, that meand you my dear friends, and some,

I hope that some one will eventually find my lovely browqn purse.

So long my faithful readers

Next time, I’ll talk to you about a dream project- me trying to make a mocumentary, make , I’m hopoing to find screenwriter whose English is a native tongue, who can write comedy, and knows something about European Continental-French, italian-

So bye bye you all

Anyone who can read me

Purseless Dror of Givataim
A Knight Errant with a Mission


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