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Land of Miracles

Remeber yesterday?

Remember my lost purse?

Well it was found moments ago by a Righteous young religious man named Tomer.

So thank you Tomer, you prove once and for all, that in Israel, there are righteous men and honset ones(I wanted to give him Falafel, he declined, anyway I promised him, that once I’ll get married , I’ll call my child after him, and the other son after Yigal, the nice Ethipian Official at the Ramat-Gan/Givataim Home Office bureau. And now I just have to find a woman, get her pregnant twice, and oh, yes p[lease she has to fall in love with me, trivial matters right?)Anyway, the bastard who stole my purse missed the 80 NIS, stole  the Bank Card, and can’t do anything with it(Guess who knows the activated secret Code? Ha Ha Ha)

So ends my ode to Israel the Land of Miracless, and itsPeople, who still have decent fellows around.


Bye y’all




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