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Taberncale Fesat(To all the Non Israelis) and with love to Inika, my Sister-In-Law

Hello Everyone!

Today itr’s the Feast of Tabernacles and it’s the  Convert’s Feast.

Now, my sistere-in -law  converted to Judaism in 1977.

Her new name is Abigail, and me and my brother’s best friend are the only ones whoi insist calling her that way.

When asked how come she chose our religion? She replied:”All the sensible answers, to my unasnwered question in Chrisitanity, I found in Judaism”

Nice answer, isn’t it?

Come to think of it, it’s reassuring and comforting , that some people love our religion and our pepole.

So, there’s still something nice about us, right?

I mean, think today,  Professor Steven Hoking-Boycotting, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh(Jewish by the way)- all boycotting,

We’ve heard that we’ve been what?Nazies, Colonialists, Poisners, arsonists, you name it.

Well, yes, there are settlers, and fascists, among us, but not all the Israelies are like that, true we may be callous, true some of us shutting their eares and eyes, yes there have  been acts of magnified stupidity.

But, in the long run and deep down, we’re bunch of People, who want peace, not piece, these are the settlesrs who want piece of Ramallah, Bethllem, and such.

No, we, the silent majority(Well, except me, I’m the vocal one), are still fight for two states solutions, still prey that the penny drops, and the Israelies woill vote for the right party(Meretz!), and we’re now doing lots of demonstrations, and actions, that show the world, that there are some Israelies who care.

Yes, the Rachel Corrie incident was tragic, it was idiotic, and our coverup, as usual was a stinkeroo.

But, let me tell you about another case, and that is the difference bvetween fanatic religious people(Sadly, we have our share), and men like me.

There was this Italian Journalist, he did everytrhing right, by the book, he chastised Israel, called us Nazies, and  Colonizers, so now what happened? He was beheaded by whom? By Hamas!

Not by Israeli Soldiers, or even fanatic settlers, by Hamas Organization in Gaza.

And another question: If Professor Hoking, is against Guantananmo? How comne he loves to visit the States?

No, really, he’s getting a medal from Obama, and he’s calling USA a Criminal Nation, who participate in War Crimes at Afganistan and Iraq?

I call it hypocritical behaviour.

One last thing-I’m historian, and in history you don’t do comparison and conjectures, so comparing us to Nazi Germany, or South-Africa? Seriously? Please, read something about us, a good book about Zionism, and even an objective one, didn’t hurt no one.

And not all Media Chanells are right.

That’s it. Happy Holliday, my dear Sistyer-0in Law,

Your Loving Brother-in-lAW



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