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O.K. I promised you something-The De-Funes’s story

So, one sleepless night, I toyed with an old dream of mine- making a movie in English, about Louis De-Funes, my beloved teriible comedian, and the worst comedian in the world.

And than, after the moment between dreaming and  waking, I finally hit it right- So I think.


So, briefly it’s a combination of  mocumentary and rom-com, for 40 something onwards.

It’s about a group of diversified people, the hero-An Israeli Documentary Filmamker( I thought about me playing him), his friuend the producer, their associate a Lesbiant British producer(Emma Thompson in a dream casting), her friend an ostracized Israeli-Arab lesbian, who is a composer, the British Producer’s assitant- a Chinese-British , who juggle between work and impending marriage(Which is worst, Chinese wedding, or Jewish wedding?), and two Frenchmen, one-a Franco-Africanm whose named after Louis de Funes, and the chauffer/guide a white Frenchman, who loves soccer(Together with the Israelies and African Louis). Rounding up the crew is a beautiful klutzy bespectacled American Blonde, whose between 40-44. She’s a mixture of Cary Grant in “Bringing up baby”, and myself, when I’m bumping into prople/furniture, while excercising my knowledge in film history, and quoting from obscure movies.


She and the Israeli gets married in the end, don’t ask, how they do it,  it’s a differnt mature rom-com.

All I need for this production is:An English /American Screenwriter, a production company, and a director.


And yes, an American 40 somethinbg actress, whose not afraid to act her age. Tha in itself, is non excistence.


Bye abnnd happy tabrencale feast




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