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Hi On a serious note( History of my family)

Today, this month we mark a tragic event-The failed uprising of Warshaw Getto

.This year is the 80th year in which Hitler seized power in Germany, And I want to seize this event and talk about my Grandmas, one- was a middle high Jewish Lady from Riga, Latvia, the other was a devout enterpreneur, from a small town called Kuty.
Both were killed. Zipora Finkleman and her Eldest daughter Manya, a Pharmacist and divorced woman, were massacred at the Romboly Forest in Riga

Clara Krunmholtz, and her 10 year old dughter Donya, waere strved to death at the Kolomeya Ghetto, aftter a failerd attempt to cross over to Roumania.
My maternbal grandmaother, entrusted a Pole and Ukraninan, to cross the border, after witnessing her husband, gunned in his bed, by an S.S. Officer, his sin?- He faiied to be at work, since his leg was broken.

So, she took my young aunt, bribed the Pole and the Ukraninan, who promptly took the money, and turned them over to the Nazies, who hauled them to Kolomeya Ghetto, and from there- The slow death til;l they starved too death in 1943.

My Patwernal Grandma,didn’t want her young son, my father Zvi, toimmigrate. Palestine, was concidered dangerous.
Thanks to my late uncle’s 6 hours marathion, she relented, and gave my father her reluctant blessing, his father gave his blessing, as well, thank God for my Uncle Benjamin.
And so, today I finish this blog with awe. And with humbling feeling, because if we think about it, had there been persuasive men and women in Europe, perhaps mny lives would be saved.

Above all, this tale taught me one thing- Never thake anything for granted! The demagogue in oine land, can conquer yours, funny men in uniform. can be your menacing force in your own country, if you don’t heed the Nazies’ Lesson!
Remember the dead, rejoice the living



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