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The Place Beyond the Pines- Excellent

So, as promised, I saw Derek Cianfrance movie yesterday.
And, well it’s a unique kind of fiolm.
Having seen”Blue Valentine”, you can tell, that he has a very significant way of making films. His, are slightly out of the mainstream. And that’s better already.
You don’t expect thr expected. Problems won’t be solved in the last minute, you’re not rooting for anyone, at least not whole heartedly.
Anyone has a dark and bright personality in this film.
And that, in itself is worthy. Because no matter what, we all have them, the demons inside us, Ryan Gosling, is wonderful, in a challengiung role(Spolier alert-DOn’t read next, if you haven’t seen the movie yet!)
His charcter Luke Ganton, is a character who finds his long lloost woman, now married to an African-American, and that he has a son. That revelation in itself, brings tragic results, wrong choices, anmd a tragis untimely death.

His opponnent, officer Avery Cross, is a lawyer, who joined the police force, and he’s presented also in an ambigious way. Bradley Copper proves that comedians can become dramatic actors as well, and his Cross is such a strong motivated personality, ambitious, moralistic, and finally a brocken and a drivemn man, who wear the mask of your public figure.
The story jumps 15 yers later, and by now, we’re goiung deep into the religion angle. TYhe sins of the fathjer/s, is manifest itself in their sons’ characters and behaviour.
Rerligious fioms, are not one brand, we know thae Hollywood Christo-Judaistic overly kitschy spectacles.
And yet, there are other religious picture, like Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet, or the Ingmar Bergman’s movies.
Onbe can even add Robert Bresson, and some of De-Sica’s films, movies which deal with religion in a very circumspect way. The Cianfrance movie belong to that category. Beautiful film and a joy to watch!.


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