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Beer-Shebah- What happened there and why?

Right, to the non Israeli peole who read my blog, here’s a brief summary of the tragedy which happened in Beer Sheva.

Itamar Alon, a major in the most rejected and badly promoted Border Guards, a corps, who is a place for the lower-middle and lower-lower groups of Israel. Ethiopians, Russians,  Bedouins , Druz and Cherkesians(The Beds and Chercs, are Muslkims, the Druz are not).

Alon, was a very good officer, till they notice that he’s too violent with Palestinians, and since Zahal, our army tolerate some violence, and even some acts of robbery among his soldiers, and close eyes when our dear boys the porecioius settlers, doing damages to Palestinians and does  steal a land here and sheep there, and burn olives in some Arab village, and ruin an archeological find, like terraces, that’s alright. Of course, the BP don’t allow to punish the settlers, no it’s ok to punish Palestinians, and wrong to punish the Jewish Settlers, since they’re the”Old Boys”, the”Good Guys”, and that kind of Double Standard confused many soldiers.

And this confusion stay with them.as they cross the border- who don’t excist- to Israel, and there they become killers, fight over some stupid fights on Saturday and Friday nights, kill their wives/girlfriends, sometimes rape, needless to say, that it’s not all the soldiers, just the confuse ones, because they live in an atmosphere which encourage/discourage them to be violent/non violent. And Itamar Alon was this kind of man..

He was discharged as Major, and worked as the head of security in the B.S Municipality-Education Institutions was hiss turf, he was cited when single handedly captured a Palestinian Saboteur, all was well, till the hardships came, the erratic behaviour, the madness which slowly poisoned hu=im’ the jobs he didn’t get, and the debt- some 500$, that’s it, that’s the money he was owed. When he tried to reason with his bank manger, the dear man, he was, he was a very nice man,. but liomited in a role designated to him by cold calculated men and women in the top echelon of Israerl’s Economic order, people who kowtow and lick the oligarchial ass, and oppress the poor.

So his request denied, he came back with a license gun and shoots the bank manger, his assistance, wounded one hostage, and finally blew his brains out.


And that’s it, that’s the tale, but it is symptomatic to our lives here in Israel. Look, 2 years ago Daphnee Leef, Stav Shafir, and Ithak Smoly, opened the Social Protest,  I supported them with one reservation-They ddin’t mention the oppression we’re doiung at Palestine, the fact that this factor was eliminated, because they wanted to be nice and inclusive, that’s what kill the social unrest.

Yes, I was with them, screaming:”The people wants social justice!”, most of the good men and women voted for Yair Lapid, the hollow shallow politician who promised them new politics, they were duped, and I’m sorry for them.

Really, yes, sorry, because we’re now in a mess, and unless we figure that the occupation kills us, we can’t do anything. Social unrest must breed new leadershjip, that will combine both the lower classes and the middle classes, and will pressure the leaders to withdra from Palestine altogether and return to Israel, with some minor changes, what happened in Beersheva WAS A CLARION CALL.

I can only write about it, can’t do anything, since I have no Group or People behind me.

And that’s me signing off.





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