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Superland- There’s something in the air

To those of you , who never heard of Superland, it’s an amusement park.One of the largest, or the largest in Israel.

So those of you who never visited my country, here’s the hot story, and I hope it will stay hot for a long tme.

An Arabic, or Isra-Palerstiniann, or Israeli-Arab, depends on what definitoin(Personally I prefer the latter, or the Isra-Palestinian) headmasterer wanted to arrange a fun day for his pupils, to his amazement, the management refused his entry on the specific day he requested, the argument-It’s not the Arab Day special. You Heard right, the enlightened liberal mangers of the amusement park, separated, discriminated Arabs, their official argument- to avoid tension and violence among the Arabs and Jews. Later that Day, the same headmaster pretended to be Eyal, not Haleed, actually got an open invitation for his Jewish Pupils, allegedly Jewish Pupils.

Lo and behold- a vacant place came out of nowhere for alleged EYAL and his alleged Jewish

Pupils, this is racism, clear and simple.

But, this racial attude, is already rearing his head, we’ve seen it at the religious rabbis’ pulpits, at the Knesset, at the goverment, Yair Lapid, the so called New Politician,reefuse to sit  with the Zuabies, and opted for the “Right Aryan type of Jews” like Naftali Bennet, whose  notoriuos  for his anti-racial policies, or liberal-democrtic values. well, what does Messsers. Lapid& Bennet, want to do with them? With the Arabs, Bedouions, the Non-Jwes, Blacks, Asians, what?

I mean, sometime ago, there was one man who not only refused to sit with the Cohens and Abaramski, but did something about it, and that something had a name- Dachau, I mean we won’t do Auschwitz, but Dachau- why not?

Nurenberg laws and the Italian Racial Laws, like the ones we suffered at 1935 in Nazi Germany, and  in Italy,1938- Sure, I bet there are at least 45 MK in Israel who’d vote for it. Including Mr. Lapid and some of his Party Members.

And think, this racism is also rampant against Ethiopian Jewes, and certainly against Jewes whose fathers, mothers and grandparents born in the wrong side of the fence, Arab-Country Jewes, anfd I talk about third and fourth generations, and the Russian Jews, whose father/mother happens to be blonde, so they’re Christians and Gentiles, and not even deserve to dwell among the pure Jewes.

You know pure race leads to degeneration, ask any cat and dog lover like myself, the mongrels are the beautiful and smart ones, they’re the ones who does the greatest tricks and they’re the ones with inteligence.

And about peopole? How many times we saw beautiful and talenetd Jewes whose father wan’t jewush, or mother wasn’t? So that’s it? They’re disqualified?

And the same can be said about Arabs, like it or not they’re hyuman beings, some are shitheads, some are not, but the majority are your average mena and women, and it’s about high time, that a nation who was victim of racial hatred, stopped becomming the mirrorlike Fascist Italy.We saw what happened with Mussolini, and pray that we won’t come to the Italy of 1945, God forbid, if wew tread that path, trthere will be no jewes left, the Jewish Nation which have survived centuries intact, won’t be, simply becuas some stupid Israelies chose the Mussolini path, and not the Luther king, or Gandhi, Mandela, our own humanists like Berl Kazenelson, our own liberal and social-democratic presidents like Chaim Weizman(1949-1952), , Yizhak Ben-Zvi(1952-1962), Zalman Shazar(1963-1974), Yizhak Navon(1978-1984), or  Martin  Buber, liberals like the honorable judge Chaim Cohen, and others.

The Path for social-democrat, and human liberal-truly liberal- path still empty, still waiting. Will any Isaeli dare to walk by it?


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