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Hollywood Movie’s Summer’s here- No dancing in the streets!

Yesterday, me and my colleague and inheritor ,Amit Izkar went to see:”Man of steel”, we sat through an agonizing 144 minutes of sheer exhaustion, fireworks, massive killings, and  Amit said it right:”It’s the worst movie I ever saw”, -“Well-I shot back-“What do you expect? It’s Zack Snayder!”-

I mean, let’s use our heads, and the grey matters, known as Brain and think for the moment: When was the last time you saw a truly fun Summer movie?

Yes, you’re guessing is correct, hardly any movie which was made in the past year or maybe 3 years can be qualified as  a masterpiece. Yes there were some solid movies, even funny ones, few dared to venture gamely into the original territory. But, most o them were either sequels, or remakes, or sequel-remakes, remakes-sequels, and son of remake-sequel, and great grandson of the remakes-sequel, who met the prequel of the remake, with the woman from the prequel/sequel.

And that’s what’s wrong with “Man o Steell”, it’s  a picture who tries to improve the original. The original  the 1978 Richard Donner has everything, even a fine John Williams score, and let’s face it, Henry Cavil, can’t light a match to Christopher Reeve, he’s nice, commandable, but his charisma, has not even there. Hugh Jackman has it, he dosen’t, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburn, Diane Lane, and Kevin Costner are wasted, Russel Crowe, is a great actor, but wasted. Michel Shannon, wonderful actor(“Revolutinmary Road”, and”Boardwalk ERmpire”) isn’t given a canvas to portray hius greatness as an actor.


And what’s more ther isn’t a grace, humor,  Superman’s Glidings, are too fast and furious, and above all, the movue boasted David Goyer, and Christopher Nolan, who made the trilolgy of Batman. But Nolan has more talent, and Goyer needs Nolan, not Snyder.

So we’re remain with a chrisdtian movie, borderibng on fascism, with story that veers out of control, and messy, with half baked notion, which, could develop to something much more cohesiuve, but Warner and Legendery films and DC Comics, just rushed to find somethig quick to fill the screens come June, and the hell with the story, and two Israeli men-me and Amit, walking out of the Givataim’s 7 movie theaters complex, and missing Cannon’s Sidney J, Furie’s:”Superman IV”. Amit sums it right,:”-At least that one, has Gene Hackman” he said, and boy was he right.



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