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The Women’s Films- Comedies “The Heat”-

In a rather dismal Hollywood movies, it’a a rare to find a movie which actually deliver the goods. Paul Feig’s second venture to big time comedies is a shining example. Following “Bridesmaids”, he teams Melissa McCarthy with Sandra Bullock, Ms. Bullock is a stuck up FBI Agent, and McCarthy a tough loner Boston detective, who can’t take shit from anyone. How these two battle corruption, drug dealers and each other? You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Suffice it to say, that Mr. Feig displays an enrmous talent, and manage to make me laugh, a thing I don’t do often in a Hollywood comedies, and God knows I come with a lot of goodwill and usually gets a non laughable comedy, which leaves me shaking fist at God, and swear that I’d never go to see another comedy. brought by any Hollywood Studio.

Melissa McCarthy proves to be an exquisite comidienne time and again, I think of Anna Magnianni, the greatest actress in the world, whose throne sadly reamin empty and cast aside. Melissa Mc Carthy, is not only a worthwhile comedienne, I won’t be surprised if she tackles a bitter sweeet dramatic role, she’s truly a great actress, and in the days of skinny blonds, or leggy brunettes, who usually don’t give you anything except vacant beauty, we see rarely an actress who looks like a woman, and even someone who we root for, that in itself is beautiful.

As for Ms. Bullock,  she was more wasted as an actress, and though she still have done some decent roles, it’s another example of how Hollywood wastes actresses in a very bad manner. Here, at last she got a role, the scene at the bar when we discover how Sarah became what she was,is a truly beautiful acting moment. Her rubbery face which is reminicent of Minnie Mouse, can tacle to Major and Minor facial expressins which can make you laugh very hard, and the chemistry between McCarthy and her is beautiful.

The bottom line: Please ran and see it if you didn’t yet.


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