22  Films were screened last year in Israel. Out of these, I mange to see few. Some were beautiful, some were topical, some won’tleave an impression. Some woill leave you exitied, angry, laughing, and crying.

Let me get you my full honest assessment of the ones I did see.


The Palestinian-Israeli confict is still there, and I suppose that  Yariv Horviz”Rock in the Kasbah”, is the least embarassing, whreas “Darkness-Alata- is more or less a rasther limiting movie, in hindsight, I can’t see why I loved it.

Mixing gay theme story with the Israeli-Arasb conflict is a formula, which was tried previously by Eytan Fox in “The Bubble”, but both films, don’t have the right tone, and the sad smell of sensationalism is hovering among both films.


Having said that, there were other films, other stoiries, which were original and inventive,. the   Aviv Talmor:”I am Bialik”, was a quite inventive movie about the director’s obssesive search for his family roots, “Get off the tree” by Gur Bentwitch, was a comic gem among itself.

But both movies which are still on my favourites, are Avi NEsher’s”Plaot-The Wanders” And Tom Shoval’s”Ha Noar-The Youth”.

While veteran Avi Nesher displayes a wonderful Noirish movie, almost flawless, rich with good acting, and fashioned Jerusalem as an alluring city, a noirish city, which hold its own in comparison to other Noirish American Cities. A Solid good storyteller, Avi Nesher shed some of his annoying habits and made a movie both enjoyable, disturbing and a visual feast.

I just rtecieved a scathing attack on my Shoval’s film rave review, a man called Izzy blamed me in so much words as selling a hype, and really in effect told me that me and my fellow critics, which love the movie, are bunch of quacks, who can’t and won’t differ between a good movie and a boring one. He pointed out, that a few people remain at the audience, that the movie is not good, boring etc.

Well, each have his own taste, let me agasin state the simple facts. Yes Tom Shoval made a very harrowing and indeed a disturbing film, but his film is meant to those who really have the guts. Those who wish to see an easygoing nice movie, funny and bland, can see Eythan Fox:”Bananot”(“Cupcakes”), this is really a very sweet movie, and will fit the escapist like a hand in glove.

What Tom Shoval does, is showing us a mirror, not pleaseant, not a sweet and cute one. And yes, it’s for those who want to see a shearing dark humored film, which tell us somethinbg about life in Israel of today. By doing so, Tom Shoval achieved what other film makers around the world do- showing us their countyiories as they are, the good and the bad.

Yes, escapism is fine, only it must be taken in small doses, too much oif it leave you detached.


And that’s why “The Youth” to me is the no. 1 movie this year, I can’t think of asny other movie, in Hebrew which can match it.


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