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Louis De-Fune’s screenplay-Blog no. 1

So, I am now in an expansive mood.

I am writing about Louis De-Fune’s
I was told you about the way it was born,
remember right?”Gambit”‘ 2nd dissapointment, and how I was pissed off about it.
Anyway, this is a combo of romantic comedy and a making of mocumentary.

I used (Thank you Tommy Lang), few men and women, after all ti’s not “Nashville”, and I can’t be Altman.

Now, I used two ingredients to make it more original:
A Docu scenes, of talking heads, people in the streets, talking in French and possibly English and Hebrew(In the begginning) about De-Funb’es. I used them sparingly, as a kind of breaking points.
2)I also decided to use some scenes from De-Fune’s movies, which the actors unknown to them create. This is a kind of a salute to his genius. Excpet the final scene”the dance from Rabbio Jacob”, which was written like a cross cutting section, all of the scenes are being shown first, than as a reconstruction, sort of, to this particular scene.
Another thing- the movie is about desperation and sort of salvation. Each one of our leading men and women, save the Frenchmen, but they’re busay about Paris Saint Germainge Soccer group, has some kind of problem, emotional, financial, you name it.
They are solved, since it’s a comedy, in a funny way.

That’s it for now.


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