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Yom Kipur-October War and my State of Mind


It was on the 6th of October, I was fasting, in that year I lost my father, my emotional and spiritual stages were lowest.

About 14.00 hours, a tired woman’s voice enterd our lives, the radio talked about a war. Suddenly, Golda Meir, talked on the radio, about bvattles, Egyptians crossing the impregnable Bar Lev Line? Hello?

The Bar -Lev Line, was thpught to be the number one hurdle, nobody wold dare to cross it.


In the meantime, Syrian tanks were stormking through the Golan Heights, an outpost after outpost became prey to both victorious armies-Egypt and Syria apparently won the war.

At the shelter, we sat with other neighbours, nobody spoke, I was supposed to be there, fighting, but due to an economic hardship, I have to leave the army, my unit, and adjust back to civilian life, and work in order to keep me and my mother from being homeless.

The war raged till the 22th of October, I thought about my dad, he prepared all sorts of weapons, missiles, defence facillities, whrere were they? They didn’t materialize.

Later, I heared that one of my friends at the Boy Scouts movemnt was killed, he tried to be a hero and save wounded soldiers, who were hit by Israeli Guns, he manged to save them, but our “Friendly Fire” hit the  armoured track, my friend, and all his crew, werte killed, few were saved.

My brother’s army unit was in Gaza, but their commander decided to seek some action.

All the war’ they travelled looking for it. They only saw the remains- the  shell shocked soldiers, the dead grotesque bodies of Israeli and some Egyptian soldiers, the Israeli soldiers lay with a shocking suprised expression, frozen forever in time.

Did we learn someting from this unnecessary war? 20 years later there was the Oslo Agreement, which supposed to end the conflict between us and the Palestinians, it didn’t, earliwer on Sadat and Begin signed the Camp David agreement, and in 1979 there is a peace of sorts between us and Egypt, it still maintains.

And my Country? What will become of it?

Our politicians apparently wish to attack Iran, I don’t think it’s a good ideas.

I can only vote for sanity, but I am one of the mere thousands of Israelies. The majority, still think and live in the mentality of the pre October War.

So maybe we didn’t learn anything?

The army did, it somehow quashed the pre-1973  mentality. But our politicians Netanyahu, the so called brothers Lapid and Beneto Mussolini(Naftali Bennett),  as well as the rest of the Likkud, Yesh Atid coalition(Livni’s small party the Movement dosen’t count much in this bloodthirsty coalition of today), are still thinking like the smug politicians of 1973.

God, do we need a mirale!!


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