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Louis De-FUNES Story-(careful: Protected Property)

>THE story for the Louis De-Funes, fully written below, is protected under the Internatiuonal Copyright Law of 1988, it’s prohibited to distribute the said material without consent of author/screenwtier listed above.
Dror Izhar is asserted his right for the property of :”Looking for Louis””

So, one sleepless night, I toyed with an old dream of mine- making a movie in English, about Louis De-Funes, my beloved larger-than-life comedian, and (according to some) the worst comedian in the world.

And than, after the moment between dreaming and waking, I finally hit it right- So I think.

So, briefly it’s a combination of mocumentary and rom-com, for 40 something onwards.

It’s about a group of diversified people, the hero-An Israeli Documentary filmmaker (Resembling me), his friend the producer, their associate a Lesbian British producer(Emma Thompson in a dream casting, but we know the saying:”Man planning and God’s Laughing. In Yiddish it’s better, so in German, for that matter), her friend an ostracized Israeli-Arab lesbian, who is a composer, the British Producer’s assistant a Chinese-British , who juggle between work and impending marriage(Which is worst, Chinese wedding, or Jewish wedding? In my opnion they’re Siamese Twins, since according to my irreverent opinion, all the Chinese Women are actually Jewish-Polish women), and two Frenchmen, one-a Franco-African whose named after Louis de Funes, and is functioned as a Cameraman/Recorder, and the chauffeur/guide a white Frenchman, who loves soccer(Together with the Israelis and African Louis). Rounding up the crew is a beautiful klutzy bespectacled American Blonde, whose between 40-44. She’s a mixture of Cary Grant in “Bringing up baby”, and myself, when I’m bumping into people/furniture, while exercising my knowledge in film history, and quoting from obscure movies.

She and the Israeli gets married in the end, don’t ask, how they do it, it’s a different mature rom-com.

All I need for this production is:An English /American Screenwriter, a production company(French/British, American is a very questinable, sioncce how many Americans actually watched his movies? Really, I’d be suprised, if one of my American Facebook Freinds will actually say:Oh Yes”Rabbi Jacob” is my favorite film”, he or she, will get the best Falafel from me, once the fim will be made, and in Israel, I know one in Tel-Aviv, which has a superb Falafel, really, the best in the Mid-Esaast, right after the Egyptian Falafel!)), and a director(Again French or British).

And yes, an American 40 something actress, whose not afraid to act her age. (That in itself, is non existence, but I’m still have some optimism left in me, otherwise I woluldn’t write such a meaty role like that, again this is my biased opinion)

I am planning to make a sample scene from my screenplay(starring me and a friend), plus introductionary movie, in which I talk briefly about about De-Fune’s, and the movie I wish to make, hopins(Please pray with me and cross fingers), that someone will actually lolove what he sees. and two scenes from his films, all dance scenes, and hope to distribute it among the people who wish to assist me in this project.

To those who wants to see these two scenes, please click:”Le Grande Restaurant-The Cossak dance”, and “Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob – Scène de danse” .Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob”-The Dance


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