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Francois Ozon-Anti- Women?

You know, it’s hard to be a social-democrat and a feminist today.

I mean, I love Ozon’s work, but I recently read an interview with 4 Israeli ladies, all of them are talented film directresses, and all of them lambasted Mr. Ozon as a male chauvinist pig, how come? If there’s one filmmaker alive today, in France, who can not be accused in such a serious charge it’s Mr. Francois Ozon.

Just look a the facts please. In all the movies I saw, which directed by Mr. Ozon, I felt absolute love to the woman, even if a film like:”In the house”, a fantastic movie about the written word, and the making of a novelist, the women there portrayed in a marvelous way.

Has the housewife, looking desperately for her husbabnd in:”Under the sand” is shown disrespectfuly,? does Christine Scott-Thomas in”In the house” is a shrew? Does Katherine Deneuve in “Potish”, stupid? No, maybe Mr. Ozon is a man of  vices, but a chauvinist pig? Please.

His latest film:”Young& beautiful” tells a story of Isabell (Marine Vacth),  A  17 year old teenager,who after a tryst with  Lucas, a German tourist- slightly older than her-, starts after her Summer holliday, in a very calcuated way, on the path of a call girl, catering to older persons.Taking the 4 seasons  framework, an excellenmt devise in itself, we see her alternate moves from a naive teenager to a call girlk, and after having been caught up by the police, after security camers recorded her fleeing the hotel, once her older client, unexpectedly dies, back to being a wise and scarred emotionally  teenager.

The rich and varied performance of Miss Vacht, we witness a teenpic, different from the Hollywood artificial Teen Pics, so different,  that I for one is actually grateful to see a small miracler like this film.

But than again, I am a man, straight and not objective, and I love Ozon’s films, so there. And suprisingly enopugh, actresses like Deneuve, or CRampling, who I concider to be smart actresses, and feminist to boot, keep comming to his fiolms, and act there, sometimes bring a whole performances, so rich, so beautiful, so coluyrful, that if there’s any mysiogenic, chauvinist iota in this films, I ddidn’t see it.


So please my feminiust learned friends, please prove me wrong.


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