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“Prisoners”- The Film Noir returns- Big time

Notice that there is an upsurge in Film Noir?

Well, “The Councellor” about to come, based on a screenplay by none other than Cormack McCarthy,(Who is an executive producer in this movie), and so it’s a pleasure for me to review the first swallow,Dennis Villaneuve”Prisoners”, may it bring a sprinbg of anticipated Noirs.

Villaneuve, is famous for a number of films, including a Mid-East Thriller:”Inciendies”, a very intersting film about my region. But here’ he’s concentrateds on Small Town Americana.

Like all Noirs, whose plots concerning  this setting, we’re well aware, that an exterior pleaseant surrounding, conceal a dark and nightmarish interior. It’s also a fine tale of a family with secrets, individuals who are not what they suppose to be, people who snap under pressure, the story is simple- twqo girls, one African-American , the other white dissapear, the small town detective Locky (Jack Gyllenhall splendid performance), a lone wolf , conducting the investigation, with the usual careful and stubborn methods.

Dover Keller(Hugh Jackman in a life time role), decide to open an investigation of his own. A chance remark by a mentally challenged suspect named Alex, when confronted by Keller, promts him to kidnap the man, hold him in his father’s disused house,  and torture him into getting a confession. Franklin Birch(Terrence Howard, a superb performance, of a morally concientious man, about to crack), the father whose daughter disapperared with the Kellers daugher, Anna, joins in,  Nancy,his wife a Veterinarian (Viola Davies, again excellent as usual), tried to intervene, and stop Keller, Grace, his wife, (Maria Bello in a searing performance)  meantime is sinking to near apathy .

The plot, written by  Aaron Guzikowsky(“Contraband”, his very first script, was not as successful as this one, maybe because the director was competent, and did a rather mundane and average job of it), deliver us  literaly a winter tale, the Thanksgiving period, in which the story is setting, give a lot of dark irony, as we see families disintigrate, familes whose disfunctional, famileis whose function is bizzare to say the least.

Paced by Koel Cox and Gary Roach, photographed by Roger Deakings, the celebrated British Cinematographer, in a melancholy shades, scored rightly(Johann Johannson), this wonderful Noir, manage to make me both edgy, and stay with me  long after the movie ended.

And think to yourself, when  did  you ever see a movie like that? Today, the movie is no.1.  b.o, according to imdb, in the USA, so, maybe Hollywood will get back to telling a story, and wil forget once and for all all the Sci-Fi, Comics, Remakes/Prequel/Sequel, stupid comedies, second and third rate scripts, and revert back to the well made tale?

Only God and Hollywood knows. 


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