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The stories we tell-Best picture of the year for the time being

Documentaries, like historical pictures and bio-pics, sometimes telling us different thruths.

And Sarrah Polley’s excellent and heart wrenching documentary deal with truth,

Polley, an actress, who started as a child actreess, and had some very notable films to her credit, like:”Away from her”, ventures into a very different path.

That of the documentary, turning the camera inwards, to her family, she tracks her mother’s life. Diane.

Using her family,  Susy & John Bucan her step brother and sister, and her own siblings Mark & Joanna, her father Michael Polley an actor, writer,  insurance salesman, and undoubtedly the movie’s co-hero, and friends, she unravels, quite accidently another story, involving her mother,  Montreal Jewish flm producer, Harry Gulkin  the other hero, and a revelation which leaves the audience mouth ‘s gape


We asre constantly, like Sarrah i herself, pulling in a different directions, at times we’re angry at Diane, ast times admiring her, feeling sorry for her, and baffled by her rather erratic behaviour.

Not only persons, Montreal and Tornto are presented in this film as a different entities altogether, one (Tornto) is inhibited, conservative, the other(Montreal) extrovert, free, devoid if sociual codes, kliberating, but this liberty bear  a price, and a burden.

Sarrah Paulley, does another wonderful deed- She’s unobtrusive, she succeeds in swallowing her ego, and position herself more as a friendly interviwer, probing when probing needs to be, letting men tell their Rashomon like versions, without sucrificing the movie’s ego to hers.

Not many documentary or fiction film directors can resist being “Me and the movie” feeling and execution creeping into their work, but Paulley’s ego submerged totally in the movie’s ego, thus making it, in my opinion the best movie of the year, and also one of the best movies , which deal with memory and truth.. Recommended with my whole heart.


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