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“Cinemateque Bunch”-The thrill of making a film

Hello six readers and everyone!

Sorry for not writing recently, but allow me to start November with a very optimistic(Very unusual for me, master of the Pessimistic Scenarios!) item.

Last Friday, I helped my colleague Victor Brown, realize his dream a documentary called:”The Cinemateque Bunch”(“Ha-Hevre’ me Ha Cinemateque”).

It’s a dream which we shared, as we rode the no. 39 bus to our work-The Cinemateque, whose now finish the 40th anniversary of his existence.
As we sat together, we started to toss ideas, about the people behind the place-librarians, ushers, projection people, maintenance, cashiers and operators, selecting four people whose going to talk about themselves and their working in the Cinemateque. I sat down and fashioned a 3 pages, of a Documentary screenplay.
Well, it’s not really a screenplay, as you know, what you write on paper, turn into something completely different. you don’t know if your characters, the real people will actually walk in and maybe they won’t.
As luck would have it, some indeed didn’t actually show, they were camera-shy.
The ones who did, were four lovely individuals(Apart for yours
truly, and I am a very lovely person, ask anyone who does know me!).The four people were: Doron Florentine, an usher and a baritone singer,( Doron sang an aria from Purcel’s”Dido and Aeneas”, and I Hope for my sake, that I spelled it right) Alin, another lovely worker and her husband Reuben, who did a marvellous three Ladino songs “Re Nimrod”, an acapeela of:”Los Byblos”, and “Pasotras Canto”.
I was there as the Library Rep. and really I unashemadely sold my dream Making a comedy called:”Looking for Louis”, about a bunch of desperate film makers a, who try to make a documentary about French comedian Louis De-Fune’s, in honour of his 100th birthday. And than, we move on to the Projection booth, Steve a French Jew, describe his dreams, ambitions and the moments he absolutely adore working in the Cinemateque (During the script and filming, I asked two standard questions:”How did you come to work here?”, and:”What do you love the best in your work at the Cinemateque?).
We finish with a gag, taking a figure puppet, which remain from one of our many festivals, we dressed it in an usher’s shirt, and let Eli Inbar, our shift morning manager harangued him and complain about his ethics, I dubbed the puppet, as a British Jewish Londoner, who just want out of his shift, and out of the cinemateque.
So, all in all, I spent a very hectic day, jumping, carrying cameras, being on camera, off cameras interviewer, moving in and out of the frame, as being told, and having a smashing time.
Well, the photos came out beautifully, and right now, we do a 15 minutes selling the idea, a for our boss Alon Garbuz, and the Rabinowitz Foundation, hoping to complete the film, me and Victor silently pray, to continue.
The filming brought back the days of me being a student at the film dept. TAU, and having a smashing time. And If there’s’
God(And I’m a pessimistic atheist) Let’s pray that my boss, and the Rabinowitz foundation men-and women will love it and respond fasvourably, again the un known factors, who knows?).
I don’t know, I mean, there are so many intangible factors, which can conspire with or against us, so who knows.
But I enjoyed life on the 26 of October from 07/00 to 14.00, I was alive and vibrant, life was great, and I felt like I’m recharge, reborn and reinventing myself.
I think that Alin, Steve, and Doron felt it too. I know that Victor shared my sentiment, he positively radiated, his patience was legendary, he didn’t raise his voice once, and each time he filmed, or held the camera, you could sense that our feelings were mutual-Pure Joy!Victor Brown, an Argentinian Jew, already made three fully lengths features, and I guess, that filming a feature or a short documentary does it for us

Hope to transmit more good news about our documentary featureatte.


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