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Arik Einstein is gone

Hello six readers!\
I try to convey a certain feeling to you.
Imagine John Lennon’s death, Freddy Mercury’s death, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobine’s TuPack,.Imagine how you felt, than imagine my sorrow.
You may not know Arik Einstein, perhaps you saw him in “Sallah”, as Ziggy the Kibbutznick he was in his mid twenties, a signer who started and an actor in Habimah, perhaps if you were in Israel, at one time or another, you’ve heard d a baritone singer , either a rock, or a beautiful Falk Rock, or just a melody which haunted you.
That was Arik Einstein.
He was a son of an actor, and at first excelled in sports, later he joined an army band, and became a comedian/singer, than he sang at civilian singing groups, and brought the rock to Israel, almost single-handedly.
He encouraged talent, many lyricists, rock artists, owed their professional breakthrough to Einstein, nothing nd no one can express my pain.
However, his song:”Atur Mizhek”(“Your Wreathed For head”) is the most beautiful love song ever written in any known human language. Check it in U tube, and tell me that I’m wrong.
I maybe wrong on other topics, not on this one.
And I’ve heard quite a few breathtaking love songs in my life.
So, my six friends, I’m sad and crying on the inside, but I always remember him, and I know that the movies and the songs remain forever. I am also thrilled to find out that young men and kids, love him as much as I do..He was the most local lovable artist Israel had, and now we have nobodies. Or not…


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