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“Gravity”- A New Direction?

Belatedly, I’m writing my review of Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity”, and I blame my laziness for it.
Anyway, I didn’t and am not , nor I have ever ben a die-hard fan.
aliens with murderous intents, weren’t my cup of tea(Save gloriously few movies like Sigel’s”Invasion of the body snatches”, Spielberg’s”Close encounters”, and E.T.”, and Graham Baker’s “Alien Nation” e), and I really don’t go ape over S/FX sagas(Confession: I went to see the first “Star War” trilogy, out of sheer curiosity. I longed to see who was behind the mask. It’s David Prowse, if you want to know).
The fact, that my favourite sci-fi is Mel Brooks’:”Spaceballs” is or one of my favorites, speak volumes about me and the Sci-Fi genre.
The ones I love, are categorized in the sociopolitical films, like: Cuaron’s own”Children of men”,”1984″(Michael Radford’s 1984 version not the Anderson’s 1956, which I didn’t see),and even “Planet of the Apes”(the Schaffener version),), “20001 Odyssey ” by Kubrick, didn’t really make me an aficionado of that film. Boris Sagal’s”The omega man” was OK. and that’s it..

But,”Gravity” is different film altogether. It’s minimal’ has two actors, one if you want to be exact, who play real people. George Clooney’s astronaut on his final mission, is a very humane and touching Matt Kowalski, ) and Sandrta Bullock in a winning performance as the astro phisics Ryan Stone, in a captivating and mesmerizing tale, which unravel, we literally find ourselves in the space. A Russian satellite was broken, at first Huston (A familiar voice-Ed Harris) assured us that all is well. Pretty soon, all hell break loose, the debris sweep by, causing damage, and a death of the flight’s engineer. Kowalski and Stone are alone, it’s Kowalski’s heroic attempts, which eventually guide Stone to safety.The second part, concentrates us on Stone, a frightened, yet courageous woman, who does all she can , and then some more, to land safely on earth.
The simplicity of this movie(Screenplay by father& son Alfonso& Jonas Cuaron), manage to do something remarkable, and even courageous. It manages to excite us, so much, that watching it, remind me of a Jules Verne book!Name me any sci-fi, or a comics, or even adventure and thriller in this year, who can give you this feeling,I daresay, to name a Sci-fI/ Comics inspired flick, who can actually give you this sensation..
My other surprise is Sandra Bullock, in this year she grace our screens with two radical and utterly fantastic performances. One:”The Heat”, a comic and dramatic performance, and here in “Gravity”. ,her Stone is so vulnerable, so humane, that you really root for her. I wasn’t a fan of Ms. Bullock, but I’m willing to retract my dislike, and salute her acting abilities.

As for Mr. Clooney, he’s a solid Kowalski, his moments are great exercise in humble, warm. and kind man, who mask these qualities, through mas of cynicism. He’s funny and tragic,and his moments on the screen, are gems of acting. As for his directorial abilities, if one day he’d quit acting, and concentrate on directing, the cinema may lose a fantastic actor, and will gain a first-rate director.
..’Gravity, in short is a great film, and reaffirms my love for cinema. Its success both commercial and artistic, prove once and for all, to Hollywood Studio heads, to be more inventive and original, and not rely on prequels/remakes/sequels. If anything, this movie tell Hollywood in a nutshell: “Start making films, not clones!!”


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