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And  now, let’s look at the rest of the world. If the USA dissapoint me and on the other hand, gave me some rejoicing, than the rest of the world prove to be ajoyous and utter delight, as one film after another proved to be a source of amazing and remarkable movies. True, I’m exceptional in reviewing some of my movies, but on the whole, it’s my opinion we’re talking about, right?

So let’s begin. Spain and Pedro Almodovar”I’m so excited”, is a wild anarchic satire about Spain, an airplane flying to Latin America is getting into trouble and has to circle for hours till he finds a a landing point in Almosdovar’s own Galicia district. The plane become a symbol ogf everythging that’s wrong with Spain, at times the targets dosen’t really work, at times it’s wildly exaggerates, but, given the ovrall impression, it’s working, and the ensemble cast is just great from Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas in a small roles, to a trio of blatnatly homosexual stewards( Havier Cammara, Carlos,Areces, and  Raul  Alevaro), delightfuly singing “I’m so excited”, in a very funny sequence from this slightly anarchic satire.

“No” and “Gloria” came from Chile. “No” , directed by Pablo Larrin is clearly, the best political movie of this year.A true story about an adman, caught in the turmoil and upheaveals of 1986 Chilean refferndum , which determine if Chile is going to be democracy or not. The NO Meaning  PRO-DEMOCRAT. By using tactics from commercials, Renee Savedra( A deceptively cunning Gael Garcia Barnel) manage to get himself involving in the fateful referendum, his moving from an un concerned man to activist is one of the films’ greateast moments, the fact, that it’s being done in a discreet way, without fanfares and editorialize this story is in itself an achievment.

“Gloria” is another matter, a solid woman’s picture about a divorced woman who refuse to be old, and her on and off relations with a park manager who turns out to be a spinless man controlled by his two daughters and his ex, is a challenging one, if we take into account the fact, that the Latin American society(Like Israel, in fact like the rest of the civilised world) is machoisitc, virile  and neglect to pay attention to the Feminine plight Sebastian Lelio’s film is therefor a poison wity arrow, targeting this society, presenting men as idiots, and women as smart ones who can turn the tables successfully. And let’s not forget Paulina Garcia’s Gloria a true star.

Italy’s films recovered this year, and the veteran’s Tavianni brothers”Caesar must die”, is a  documented performance of Shakespear’s”Julius Caesar”, performed entirely by prisoners(Save one, a professional actor and an ex con whose Brutus is a wonderful tour de force) They are  dangerous prisoners, who discover their humanity and the film is an ode to humanity in a dire places. The last line spoken in this film:”So far prison was my room, now, that I’m in the theatwr, the prison is my jail”, spoken by a real life killer/conviuct is a blatant declaration of the art’s healing power.

Matteo Garrone’s “Reality” is a different piece, a poinant and tragic satire, funny and sad, it proceeds to show  us how   the Reality shows, and in fact TV affect man’s mind. True, we’ve seen this kind of stories, from the 50’s and onwards, nothing new, except, that the actors professional and non professional alike gives us a disturbed look of their lives being disrupted, add to it , the Napolitanian local, contrasted with Cinecitta, once a proud bastion of Italian films, and now, a studio replete with dumb TV shows and we get a  hard look on Italy, its society and culture being reduced to nothing but a new sort of instant celebs and success. And how this society can heal itself, if she’d try.

Australia brought us”Blue Sapphires”, a true story(Tonny Brigg’s the playwright and screenwriter’s mother was one of them), about a group of aborigines girls, the story about identity, racism, and triumph in face of challenging conditions, culmninating in a Vietnam 1968 tour in front of American soldiers, is at times funny, sad, and absolutely rewarding and the ensemble acting of Chris O’Dowd, and the  talents of aborigine actresses  Miranda Tapsell, Shari Stebbens(Her Kay, the light skin aborigine is someone you wish to hug), Deborah  Mailman and Jessica Mauboy, whose singing voices are just plain asset, and her finely nuanced comic dramticturns are an example of how an ensemble acting can act.

“Jeune et Jolie” and”Lavie d’Adele” are both French pics describing young girls. One is becomming a call girl by choise, the other turn into lesbian, Abdelatif Keshish’s Adele, boasts Lea Saydou and Adele Ackropolus as the two protagonists, whose lives and eventual seperatioin , combine with a social criticism, made quite an uproar in France. Francois Ozon’es:”Jeune” is about the misguided choice of one girl, and it’s again a controvertiona lfilm, which I love immensly..

And last but not least Israel. It has been said that we’re the land of miracles, and he Israeli films have proved themselves this year to be exactly like that.

Sure there were slome dissapointment, “Betlehem” . by Yuval Adler is a major one. A competent thriller, it presented us, once again the true yawning formula of the good Shinbeitnick and the bad Palestiunian( Is there a truly posiutive Shinbeitnickj, one wanders? Perhaps, but we’ve seen enough of that!), of course the Palestinian youth, will killthe good Israeli, so we’re remain with a very dated story, which clearly don’t fit to the situatuion aound us, the fac that it was co-wriiten by Ali Vakad, a seasoned Israeli-Palestiunian(Or Israeli-Arab) reporter, who coverd the Occupied Territories, isn’t reflected in the script, or the movie. Puzzlement: Why this movie won the 2013 Ophir Awrd is beyond me? But the Academi members are strange lot altogether.


“Whose afraid of the Big bad wolf”? is asemi dissapointing film, a funny black humor, a horrified pictureof the Israeli Male, it’s a checkered movie, the final scene for one is a letdown, the portryal of the hero’s father is a let down, stillk Ahron Kasalesh and Yaniv Paposhado mange to give us a combined horror comedy, and both Zahi Grad as a vengful father of a misisng child, and Lior Ashkenazi as a Police Detective, whos off the cse, are superb. Kaes Nashif contribute a fantastic funny performance of an Arab Horse riding Game warden.

The movie, which in my opoinion should and coUld’ve presnt us in the oscars is “The Youth”, a disturbing look on Israel’s socio-economiccondition. Tom Shoval’s movie about two brothers who decide to kidnap a rich girl, so that they could save their house is nothing but sort of masterpiece. Moshe Ivgy an Shirily Deshe are both superb as the parents, and the Konyo Brothers simply mesmerizing.A  combibnation of dark humour and drama, makes this film stand higher than most Israeli films this year.

Jonathan Gurfinkekls”Six acts” complete the film’s roster, written by Rona segal, it presented a disturbing portrayal of class divisions in Israel’s youth. A Young Middle class girl’sdescent into a role of a matress, so that she’d be popular and find the loveof one of the rich boys in her highschool, is so searing, compelling and tragic, that I for one wandered if this is the real Israeli Youth, it is, and it’s very disturbing.,


2)”tHE yOUTH”
3)”sIX ACTS”


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