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Oscar Hoopla

Hello my dear six readers and followers!

Well how was your week lovely people? Watched the Oscar Ceremony? Been in the ceremony? I didn’t and most likely wouldn’t attend the ceremony.
Why I don’t bother watching it? Simply, it’s a circus with a well-tried recycled formulas, again the “Thanks my mother/daddy//agent/family/crew/colleagues acceptance speech? Again the homages which are hollow and creaky? Again the choreography? Again the ancient inside jokes? Agonized and sadistic isn’t it? Having to sit through 6 hours, and listen and see this self-congratulatory ritual repeat itself time again and again ad nauseum, as the Latin sages wrote aeons ago??

And of course, there are the movies. Come on, dear six readers and followers of mine, you guessed who’s going to be the winner? Right? Like me, I’m still blessed with some sharp brain, enough to guess that analyzing the movies, I saw(Didn’t manage to catch the Italian movie, though a dear friend of mine told me it’s good, and he and I share the same taste, uncanny isn’t it?) three and four months before the academy’s elephantine ceremony?And boy, did I guess right that”12 years a slave” would be the winner! Mind you not “American Hustle“, or”Gravity“, or even the too long- partly funny, always incisive Scorsese’ movie:”The wolf of Wall Street“, hell no. Not in your life. Because these three movies were fantastic, especially the Russell movie, which portrayed American Dream in such a painfully tragi-comic way, a well written brilliantly acted, and possibly the best movie of this year, after “Gravity“. At least the screenwriter award for original screenplay, but “Her“, the Spike Jonez movie won, it’s a good script, bit over, sometimes stretch like a bubble gum, inventive, but did it get the right to be nominated as an excellent script? No. Because “American Hustle” was better than him, funnier, original, inventive, better incisive, innovative, and far more accurate than the Jonez script, good as it was, both movie and script didn’t excite me.

I’m glad Cuaron took the director’s award, this time it was right, his direction, script and execution of this brilliant sci-fi was in time, please let me state right here and now, that I absolutely love Steve McQueen’s works. Both”Hunger” and”Shame” were brilliant works, which explore courageously the male white in its fragile way, and Michel Fassbender delivered such marvelous performances, unlike his near hysterical work here in “Slave“. It’s very sad to see such an actor and director waste themselves in a respectable epic, which revel on pornography of violence, rather than being subdued movie. There are some ways of showing slavery, but McQueen and John Ridley the producerqwriter and winner of the best screenplay form a non original/adaptation award, obviously didn’t see Gordon Parks’ TV Movie,”Solomon Northrop’s Odyssey“(American Playhouse-1984) which was based on the same literary/bio source. Parks, deliver an excellent adaptation, not once resort to semi sado mado treatment, as is hinted in the Ridley/McQueen’s adaptation, it wasn’t respectable in the 80’s fashion, something that McQueen/Ridley does’ not once did this humble and marvelous TV film hammered to our conscious that slavery is evil, yes we’ve known it, read about it, but even”Roots” was a masterpiece, compare to “12 years a slave“. And in spite of the dignified Chwitel Ejiofore’ portrayal of Northrop, and Lupita Nyongo’s subdued and fantastic performance, I personally left the theater with a bitter taste, reflecting that this celluloid “delight”, is so respectable( I jokingly refer to it as the new Richard Attenborough’s Slavery Epic, my acquaintance Meir Schnitzer bless him thought about it first), in the negative sort of way, yes it was an oscar winner material alright. Politically correct,(A form of stupid dictatorship)- It was so right, in the negative way, every emotion calculated, every gesture is larger than life, preachy to the point of the New Testament Sermon, and utterly damaging to its sourse and cause.

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won again for a very good performances. in “Dallas Buyers Club” . Cate Blanchette got her statue for “Jasmine“, but then again the question popped into my mind , regarding Blanchette is:OK, yes it’s good, even at times excellent, but is it riveting, is it mesmerizing me? Or is it a very nice calculated job, emotionally good, but not something to write home about? The sad answer is yes. Sally Hawkins, Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K., Bobby Canavalle ,were terrific, but did Blanchette deliver? No, Amy Adams was much better, in fact her portrayal is so magnificent, a tour de force of comedy, drama, cynicism, vulnerability, she was excellent, and she didn’t get an oscar, why? God Knows. Kate Blanchette did marvelous acting over the years, both brilliantly comic, and dramatic, here it’s anything but. Matthew McConaughey already had established himself to me as a fantastic actor and his Woodruff is excellent, simply because he’s portray a heel, a man who does good, but basically he’s a son of a bitch, Leto, does a brilliant balancing act, the scene where he’s standing embalmed in s suit and tie in front of his dad, is pure greatness. Both performances deserve Oscars, however Bradley Copper and Christian Bale were excellent as well, managing to put forth some sadness and truly tragic touches to their comic, bordering on the farcical roles, however the Oscar ruled differently, and I fully get it why the late George C.Scott hated the very idea of Oscars

.And now dear readers , after trashing the Oscars, I would love to share with you my recurring fantasy. In it, I win the best screenplay/original award, for”Looking for Louis” and I go on stage, with the damn tie, and the itching bloody clothes, face the audience and utter the following short declaration in both Hebrew and English:”I want to thank the members of the academy for finally recognizing the state of Israel”.”,


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