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So are we really free?-A Passover reflection

Now, as the passover first phase is going and fading, it’s time to ask myself, if we in Israel are truly free?

On the outset, we are, sure why not? Think, we have a viable independent and strong state, right?
Jewish People live without a “yoke of tyranny” right?
Apparently so, I’ve written apparently, but I’m sceptic.

And here are the obvious reason. There is one chain, which bind us for the past 47 years, come June.
I’m talking about the occupation of a people who wish to be free.

It’s very obvious and plain to see that they’re oppressed, look at the Jordan Valley’s Population of Palestinians and compare them to the Hebrew Settlements, look at any settlement and any outpost in the occupied territory of Palestine.Compare their rather comfortable life, colonial and racial attitude, their marble houses, fine cities, empty first rate 4 lanes, leading to nowhere, with the lives the perpetuated misery of the Palestinians, their faulty roiads, hovels, indecent life, their orchards being burned by Israeli religious fascists, who can and are control the settlewrs’ human voice(Though there were and are some decent Jewish settlers, but the’re stifled and can’t be heard),and you’d conclude that yes, they’re occupied, no amount of Orwellian phrases can white wash that..

But the Israelis themselves are in bondage. Unlike the overall superficial survey, the Israelis at the 1967 border(Ex Green line), can’t be unhappy, but still.

Think of the budget, that being poured to the settlements and the outposts, illegal and so-called legal, think of the unabashed quasi and proto fascist propaganda, that some of our vocal members of the current coalition heap upon the Israelis.
Think about groups in Israel, that can’t be sponsored, our own Israeli Arabs, are still being discriminated financially, the Jewish population itself, at our various marginalized cities and towns, where many people struggle to make out a living, often working at three different working places, just to make ends meet, the young couple who can’t afford an apartment, think about single mothers, think about the Middle Class, once prosperous, now alarmingly dwindling, think about the Holocaust Survivors, looking for food , sometimes find it inside a fellowship or organization who love to publicize itself, with a photogenic show of people queuing in line, waiting for a meagre foodstuff.Think and reflect about the violence , casual, cruel, and un imaginable, which erupot recently, the disregarding of life, which permeat itself to level of pre teenagers group, recently 12 years old girls plan to murder their age group school mate! Yes, that’s also a symptom of the occupation.So, is it really a Free, sane, happy, normal DEMOCRATIC State? Hmmm, I don’t think so.Nothing can induce me, or even tell me that this is a free country, because like it or not, I do remember an Israel who was free, and decent, a country, which I was proud to be in it, a Country, with an opportunity for everyone, a country, which didn’t have the mixture of alarminbgly close proto fascist groups, who manifest themsleves unashamedly in our own Israeli Politics,, and cruel indecent capitalism, like the one we see today in Israeli politics.

Israeli politics today, is something weird, some say it reminds them of Mussolini’s Italy. or Francicsco Franco’s Spain, a Banana Republic in Latino-Asian-African State,sorry to say, dear six readers and folloers of mine, I don’t quite agree with it, to put it mildly,I still think that I live in a democratic country, but a country, that rapidly lose its humanity and her heart, and above all a country which surrenders itself to an extreme fascist settlers, day by day.
Yes, there is still some democracy, and yes we can still voice our opinions, like myself, but for how long?

Which is why I ask myself if we’re really free in Israel??

Because frankly, I don’t know really I don’t, I’m supposed to be smart, right? But I do know, that we can’t, for the long time, live in a schizophrenic State, one who is a democracy, whrwer there are Arabs who running hospitals, who can be judges, and on the other hand, still being humiliated at every security post in a shopping mall, or at the airport(Though I hered that it’s fading fast due to a new technology), frankly we can’t be doing atrocities to any Sudanese from Darfur, humiliate and harass anyone who happen to fall in love with Israeli man or woman, and just because he’s not jewish, he’s being harassed at the Home Office? And of course, we can’t ignore the fact, that this type of behaviour, comes from one source-The Occupation, 1967 However, I’m still optimistic, I think that the penny will drop, there are Israelis like me, who will say enough, enough with quasi fascist factions, who wish to make Israel a Totalitarian State, and unfortunately are within the Israeli Coalition. I believe that more Israelis will find the courage to say a loud enough, and then we’d be really free, free from The all the ills which befell our Country recently.


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