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So, who won at “Solid Rock”(“Tzuk Eitan) Campaign/War?

Happy Rosh-Ha-shanah dear six readers of mine and followes
Finally, after toiling on my comedy screenplay, and having finished the 4th version of it(“To my new followers, it’s called:”Looking for Louis“, and if you’re interested in financing it, unlikely, or producing and directing it, improbably, please write your email at my private message, so I’ll know who to send)

Of course, you’ve noticed some rumblings lately, in the past two-three months or so, out there in our peaceful Mid-East, ISIS, or IS, is now on the rampage, beheading journalists, and threaten Europe and the Free World, and in Israel we had a small dirty war.
Hamas abducted and murdered three innocent teen-agers, that led to a massive arrests, which dragged Hamas, eager to show his newly home-made missiles for the world to open a bombardment across Israel, which reached the outskirts of Haifa, Israel retaliated by massive airstrikes, killing civilians, ruin mosques and homes, which allegedly used as missile depots, and H.Q’s for senior Hamas leaders, a whole underground city was revealed, which wasn’t used God forbid for transportation, but for missiles and clandestine terrorists , which meant to surprise the close-by Israeli towns and Kibbuzim.
That is the Israeli’s official version.

The Palestinian one is different, the Freedom fighters fought the oppressive, fascists, Zionists, and caused them damages, killing Israeli child of 4, and a 70 years old, s thought to be a fight for freedom. Is it?
Well, I’m unsure, those who know me, know that my prime goal is to have two states-Palestinian and Israeli side by side, maybe even as a confederate states, but right now, my goal is shot to pieces, by both hardliners fascists from both Palestinian and Israelis.
So, in answer to my question at the title Nobody won, we and the Palestinians lost, look what this dirty SMALL WAR gave Israel, racism, and anti-peace hatred, anti-Arab and anti-Leftists like me, are now the seemingly agenda in the Israeli streets. A Coalition of wannabe Fascist, seemingly control today both Israeli politics, and the left is numb, divide, small, frail, barely surviving, but still there!

meanwhile, all across Europe, North-America(Namely a growing circle of Academic, some Media Pundits, and Muslims communities), South-Africa and some Post Communist Latin-American countries, experience a slow but painful rise of right-wing pro Nazi, groups, using this dirty small war, to bring forth an ugly distorted campaign against Israel, BDS, targeting Israel(Not democracies like Syria, Iran , Belarus, Russia, Saudi-Arabia and other democracies like North Korea), as the chief and arch-villain in this world.

At the Palestinians side, there’s devastation, injuries, both dead, wounded, infrastructure ruined, and no hope at all. Any hopes for a coalition moderate Palestinian is dashed, and to what end?, To what purpose did Hamas shoot missiles over Israel, developed an industry cater for war, declared hollow and inane slogans about one Islamic State from Jordan river to The Mediterranean Sea?Did it help its people?No it didn’t.

So, here we are, like two aging boxers at the ring. One wobbles along, reeling, but still standing, wish to be the uncontested champion, and the champion, waiting for the right punch, the final knockout, which never arrive, and the referee is waiting for the white towel, which don’t come, a draw would be welcome from both fighters, trainers, even the champs are tired, but the draw don’t materialize.

, And in our major cities, we have a bunch of right-wing hoodies, roam the streets, looking for a new leftists or Arab people to maim, and sometimes even murder, at a recent poll, 43% stated that they didn’t want an Arab in their building, or their immediate surrounding, once it was a marginalize 0. 3%, still there’s 57% who stated the opposite thank God for this number!
, So, there’s a hope, right? I’d like to think so, despite the coalition’s rabid fanatics, who bite and bark, because IO know, that in Israel, ther’s going to be soon a question, which all Israelis will have to answer-Quo Vadis Ante?-Whither wqe go?-Are we going to have to throw our country, to the hands of irresponsible leaders of the right, who wish to have a new Mussolini’s Italy in Israel? Do the Palestinians wish a truly democratic leadership, rather than extreme religious fascists like Hamas? If both chose fascism, secular and religious there will be no Israel and no Palestine, and there will be not me, which will write to you.

And frankly, I don’t deserve a punishment like that, and neither my Palestinian Fellow travellers?

So Happy new year for all of us, and let’;s pray for sanity, boy do we need it now.


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