Mike Nichols RIP

Sorry to hear about the death of Mike Nichols. He was first a mentsch, and yes, he made some duds, who dosen’t? But think of his accomp[lishments.
First his master comedy acts wit Eilaine May. A Dinosaur like me, will always remeber fondly the skit of a Jewish Mum and her son the Rocket scientist, who reduce to a todler at the end of the skit.
But, Mike Nichols had soe movies which defined the Baby Boommer’s Generation with “The Graduate”, while, “Carnal Knowledge”, was a wondeful, abrasive, funny and great portrayal of the American male of the 40’s-50’s,, just like”The Graduate”, “Angels in America” was a TV Masterpiece, and Meryl Strip did some of her finest work there, as well as “Silkwood”, his political satires “Primary colours” and “Charlie Wilsoin’s war”, were rarities, truly funny movies.
I will take comfort in watching these movies, and recognize the talent which was so evident in his works.