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Choises we made

Hi! Dear Six readears what a life!

We’ve jus elected ourself, the same pld shitheads, and it’s just going to be bad to worse.

The Academy, returned to the 80’s, and managed to bring another dud:”Birdman”‘ as the best film.

What does it tell us?

That  peple are afraid of change.

Yes, there’s a devious line between the 2014 “Birdman” to Bibi Nethanyahu. Bare with me for a sec. .

First, Bibi is a terrible conniving, demagogue, a lyer, a hysteriucal gloom and doom, and a non person. and the People who voted for him, are nationally proud, in the Mussolini fashion, scared shitless of any change, and are just like naoiils- Love to be kncocked around, till they bends and throw  out for a new anail so long as the center and the left won’t take powewr and reallyu change my country for the better.

EThat’s the Israeli Politics!

nNow, let’s examine the Oscar(Ho Hum!), I know, but it’s reverting back to the 80’s when one prestigious movi, or in that case a self-congatulating one, emerged as winners, come on? Hello? Where’s Linklater’s Revolutionary movie “Boyhood”,? Come on, whre’s “Selma?”, or how about Estwood’s searing anti-wart movie”American Sniper”? Nothing!! All we get is a movie, without a movie, yes, a screenplay, of course a superb cast, but that’s it, Mr. Inuaritu, get an award for what? Excuse me, I saw the non movie, and I protest, there is nothing to make me shake up the , another story of Hollywood’s actor wahsed up, finding redemption? And despite a great cast, it’s hardly a  movie,Really!!

Well, it’s fear time in Hollyweood, and fear time in Isrtael, what did we get?  Nothing.

Well, HJollywood ain’t bad, one can hope, but in Israel. the choices are terrible, and Lordy Lordy me- Have mercy on Israel



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