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Hello my dear six readears and followers!

Been away, and you’re so right. I didn’t write anything new, well I have a perfect alibi.

I was busy writing two projects. One is a comic screenplay, about an American lady, Brit lesbian, Afro-French, and three Israelies,  travelling across France, and shoot a pitch short subject, for a Canmnes pitching session, in which they’ll try to raise money for a docu about French comedian Louis De-Funes, and the other project- a serious film history’s book about the Israeli Cinema between 1964-1994. And trust me,  both are tough ones.

Let’s start with one assertion- a golden rule if you please, you write because you have to.The damn story knock on your brain, the academic work needs to be shown, and you begin, in one case you just write, the keyboard and your fingers dance ever so quickly, and before you know it, you stare at the pile of stupid shity excuse for a screenplay, moaning:”:What’s’ that shit? Who wrote it?”

And the academic writing, in which you explain and write at lengths, abstracts, and quotes, explaining to those who don’t know, some historical facts . And here you are explaining yourself to the early grave of boredoom.

And that’s why the writer needs an editor- And lucky for me, at least in writing the screenplay, I have two dear persons, who helps me. One is my accompaning producer- Gidi Avivi, and the other .is Cassie(November Wandering) Hirsh.

Between these two, the screenplay becomes something more. It’s now written in much more brisk pace, but with elements, which makes the characters round, the  creative juices are just right, the treatment is every inch the one movie you wish to see, and all in all, it’s better.

If I argue, cry, depress, and scream in agony with Gidi, it turns in hindsight that he’s right. Gidi an ex journalist, music critic, screenwriter and a producer, helps me in making me a good screenwriter, true the 30% that I contribute are right, but the 70% which Gidi gives, are gems, and value more than anything. Cassie is the best sctory editor, and screen editor in Israel, period. If you want her, you got to pay her, every penny counts and worth., She’s the one which compromises, makes scenes long or short, suggests much more, see the potenials, and contrtibute to the movie’s dialogues’ character, scene’s lengths, and in short- life without Cassie, are hell of a life and a nightmare for a comdey writer.

Do I  think it’s good? Do  I believe in both book and screenplay?Well, to be honest, it’s  really hard, at times I thought yes. It’s really good, let’s go, let’s start, let’s and let’s. But of course, Gidi say something, Cassie say something, and I immidiately relent, they’re right. And I lose my self confidence, which is right and good. And here I want to talk about the second obstacle- Any writer now what I talk about-Cokiness, leading to arrogance, hubris, and than demise and nemesis.

Because dear readers and followers, the truth is, that any  writer who is self confident, too much, is   bound to fail. How do I know that the story’s good? How do I know that my non fiction will be just

, Marvellous? It’s not, trust me, since there’s another element-Audience. Aha! Did you think about them?

And here comes a very heretic sayiong from me, I know, the artist, screenwriter and historian author, should write their art, or their academic book for no one. Really? Well allow me to be heretic, I write for audience and readears, period. OK, it’s time you’ll meet my alter ego Izhar Dror the audience.And god do we , Dr. Dror Izhar the historian and screenwriter hate him, beyond enurance, really he’s such a pest! Always criticize, always hating our best work, belittling every single line, every scene; he’s terrible, can’t ignore this man, and trust us, we tried it all.

We tried guns, poision, beating him within an inch of his life, contact the Kazakstanian Mob, all to naught. He’s still there, he’s the audience I’m writing for, and I have to admit, it humbles me, I think, not second guessing, about me as a moviegoer, or a reader reading a book, novel, or non fiction, seeing a movie at the theater, or on TV, and criticize it, sometimes  praising, sometimes laugh. and hoot, Bronx cheeing all the time, it humbles me, really it does.

Which now bring me to the question:”Why do I write?” Here’s the answer: I write because I want to share. Share the story, it’s downright funny, hopefully, share the insight, it’s original look at the life with fresh outlook. And god knows how many stories and academic theories rushing inside me, and I know that  they want to get out, they don’t want anyone else, they’ve decide to incubate here in my head. And I  know, that if I die, they die with me, so I write to win death. I know it’s futile, a little insignificantly historical  win, un important, won’t influence nations, but to me, the printing of a book, the marcee on the film theater, with:Screenplay by: Dror Izhar”, that’s enough..


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