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Arividercci Scola

Sad, sad world, dear seven readers, I’m very grieving, Etore Scola, writer-director, my personal mentor, Irtalian genius died yesterday, he was 84.

Scola began as a writer, he wrote satires and comedies which illuminated our dreary lives, no one can forget:”The accident”, a ferocious attack on Italian society, I  recall the scene, where Vittorio Gassman analyze Dominico Modunio’s songs over the quality of a forgettable songstress-singer named Mina, is a truly funny scene..

About 52 years ago, he began directing, true not all his movies were greats. But, the truly great ones are and will be gems and jewls of comedy in the world. None can forget Alberto Sordi’s monolgue in :”Our heroic friends”(“Africa! Look at the land, look at the water, look at all the good people, good morning lady, I’m the publicer Di-Salvio, and this is my assistant the accountnat, accountant? Are you happy? Iam, while look at me dancing”, and with that Sordi dance with Blier jubilantly).

A Wonderful  movie about the cinema was :”Splendor”, trio of spectacular actors, Mastroianni, Massimo Troisi and Marina Valadi performed miracles, and this movie  was better than Tornatore’s . Great story, graet direction, fantastic finale, what a movie better than Tornatore’s “Cinema Paradiso.”.period, period.

And:”La Terraza”, “We love each other so much”, and others. And now the world is much sadder, less funny, and the Italian  Film lost a true lion,  a giant among giants. And I’m very sad..


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