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First movie

Hello my seven readers and Facebook English readears!

I didn’t write in a long time, there was a reason to it.

I directed my first feature, those of you who already saw the stills from my location sites, know what’s it’s about.

“Such is life” was born years ago, from a project, concerning my brother’s immigration from Israel 30 years ago. Me and a producer I knew way back from my TAU’s film dept. happy days, named Zvi Sheffi, started to look around for funds and financing. We didnt;t make it, usually in Israel, there are ‘public reps.’, who suppose to give you the thumbs up or down, they gave me the down, however, there are some true film personalities, the ones who knows what’s a movie production, and possibly heard about Mel Brooks, who said something very smart:”I make movies for people who saw ‘A Man for all seasons’ plus people who don’t know what the hell is all about”.  Doc director Assaf Soudry, pointed me to the right direction, with one smart comment:”I want to see more of Dror, than his brother”. And he was right. And that’s why the two ‘reps’. female persons, who perhaps detest Brooks, can’t really know what’s a movie is. A communal commercial art. CCA, th’s what it is, doc or feature, commercial, art house, doesn’t matter, it channels to Brooks saying.  And unfortunately, the Israeli film funds are full of ignorant people who know nothing about movie production and less about filmmaking,

  .Three years later, a window of opportunity rose, I found out that I can finance my movie, and I started to shoot it, and became producer-director- writer narrator, but I didn’t do snacks, I believe that I can’t qualify for”Autheur”, but my opinion about:”Politique des auteurs”‘ is that a bunch of French Film critics, and would be filmmakers, didn’t understand English, so they didnt understand much of Hollywood’s production.

Anyway, I wrapped it up, and I wonder how I did it? What posses me to film in one day two emotionally charged scenes, one of which I  will try to save in the movie, one at the old Ramat-Gan’s boy scouts building will definitely stay? How I directed these scenes without cracking up? Well, in the movie I say a line:”The movie camera is my analyst”, it is and does. So, I think.

And now comes the editing, I best with  doubts, what will go out? What will stay? Howe I cut my brother and his best friends’ comment about the scouts, and intercut with my won? My 90 years old mum is interviewed, how will I retain the interviews? She’s 90, her memory is faulty, and she’s about  able to say some wonderful comments, it’s not easy, I want her in,  and that’s a beginning. But, right now, out of hundreds and thousands of feet, emerge something, as of now there are 39 minutes which are fantastic. Really great ones, it’s the stuff that makes my movie a funny, poignant, and sad story, which in his own way celebrate family values.

Happy Israeli and sane Independence day Israel! This movie is my gift for you. Not much of a gift, but it’s still a nice one.


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