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Picking up the pieces

On Wednesday night, a man sat at the coffee/restaurant Max Brenner, and all was fine, with him there were three others, two women and one man, they didn’t occupy one table, in fact, they didn’t know one another, the fragrance was nice, the Sharona Compound, a well-known Tel-Aviv’s center  (near my working place the Tel-Aviv Cinemateque) was full, the Cinemateque itself was about to launch tomorrow the 30th annual International Students’ Film Festival, the night was lovely less hot, and it was right  with the world. Two men in dark suits also were there, they took their order calmly, and started to eat, they looked like young Yuppies, businessmen perhaps? They seemed content, perhaps they’ve just concluded a successful business transaction? Suddenly, they drew guns, two cousins from Yata, a town near Hebron, sprayed the restaurants, the four people were killed instantly, one of them was Dr. Michel Feige, I didn’t know intimately the other .

three, but I knew him,  he was my tutor, at BGU . And I want to tell you about him.

Michael, or as I used to call him on our greetings at Rosh Hashana and Psssover”My brother friend was a sociologist by training, historian by inkling, anthropologist, and a Mensch. He published a book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict called:”Shnei zedadim lamapa(aka:”Two sides for the map”], a scathing and sarcastic article about Mini Israel, a small-scale model of Israel, at Latrun, and he loved Israeli Cinema, he was expert  in linking theorists like dorno and Gramsci to every facet in our lives, and like Professor David Ohana, a friend and colleague he was also a person who could explain to the laymen the intricacies of a Foucault, or Uri Ram, or other historians like Morris, at the beginning we were mostly young ladies and one  mature gent, me, who attended his class, and listened and he guided us through  varied persons, who couldn’t disagree on a napkin’s size let alone Israel’s society and its directions, yet it was a such an easy-going journey, illuminating, , funny, and serious, I learnt a great deal about Israel, and I’m confident that all my young female colleagues studied about Israel, some will be going on, one or two follow him and be  sociologist or historian of Israel, anthropologist perhaps,. The other elderly gents like yours truly, who attended his magical class, were pensioners, Mizraim jews who resided at the nearby ex slum of Shikun Dalet, and even they enjoyed and got some insights, for Dr. Feige had the magical gift of explaining Immanuel Levinas, Lacan,Said,, Bhaba’s complex theories, in a more winning, funny, serious and so simple manner, you really understood Weber, or Gramscvhi .even and especially if you just graduated high school Mizrahi pensioner, or not.

Such was Michael the dear man who gunned down by two cousins , Palestinians, from Yata, they didn’t know him’ they never shared his anxieties, humor, and profound learning, they didn’t gain the insight of his wisdom, for them he was an infidel, or an occupiuer, no better than the settlers, no better? Hell he was better than most settlers I knew.

And now he’s gone, there’s one person less at my Facebook wall, one less Facebook friend, we plan to get together, years we plan to do so, but we didn’t no doubt we’d laugh and share joke, mourn for Israel’s direction these days, he’d share an insight, tell about an essay he’s going to write, he’d be aging gracefully with his wife and three daughters, be a granddad, but life and faith decreed otherwise.

No sooner than the terror’s aftermath came the revelries, the happy gleeful gloating, Arab Palestinians? OK, they misguided terrorist attack on Israeli civilians as a joyful reunion with 72 imaginary virgins at a non exciting paradise, but please tell me what to make on Jewish right wings assholes? They gloated, Tel-Aviv’s bubble was hit, ha h ha, four people were killed, never mind that two came from Ramat Gan and one woman from  Ashkelon,  but men  and women revelled about the blood, the blood of innocent compatriots, Israeli Jewish men and women , who didn’t have a bu=rial procession yet, were now being hailed as Tel-Aviv ‘s bubble who got what she wanted? My God,m how can we call these cretins human beings? How one can take a 103 fm radio personality a  serious man? Some decency, is required, why can’t they wait for the end? Why do they have to mock, jeer, gloat over the victims? As for the Palestinians terrorists, what can you say about people who take a knife, and rushing about to kill any settler or soldier? Sympathy? Well, I don’t sympathise with anyone who take lives of innocent men and women, be he Jew or Muslim, buddhist, or Chrisitan-Episcopalian/catholic. A Murderer is a murderer, just like a rose is a rose.

.  We, Michael’s student left numb, speechless, he was a humanist, and I’d like to believe that he believed in the Two States’ Solution, like me, I knew it and he knew it, and now he’s gone, and I am with one person less, one person less to send greetings for his birthdays, one person less who was humanist Mensch, one person who was a fantastic teacher, one person who shall greatly missed of course by his wife and three girls, his relatives, but also will be hugely missed by his colleagues at the Israel Studies faculty, his students, and his neighbours at Uziel Street, one great fantastic guy murdered, one hole is now stand in my life, who will fill it now?????



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