Hello deasr six readears

Well, yesterday we celebrated Independence day’s. 69 years, flags unfurled high, the e main stage  blared all sorts of music, from techno to ethno rock, you name it, my house, was reverberated(I live near the central stage, and anyone who lived a mile out of a stadium  will appreciate my plight), But we celebrated.

Our parents loved this holiday, they were in love with Israel, who can blame them? Both left Europe, their respected Countries Poland (Mum), Latvia(Dad) were infested with antisemitism since the 17th century.

My family was almost wiped during the holocaust, and both Latvian and Ukraine/Polish  persons turned jews over to the SS.

So my dad never looked back, fought at the IDF, was one of the first team who worked at the Industry Military compound, so was my mom, they never met there, but at  her friend. And both celebrated Independence day as a feast worth celebrating, Jewish celebrations never were received such enthusiasm at our home, but Independence Day was special. So  me and my  brother grew up loving this holiday.

o today, what is becoming of my beloved country?

Well to anyone unfamiliar I can tell you, that our troubled seeds, which led Israel to its terrible image, didn’t began  during the 1967 six day’s war, a just and legitimate one, no,  it started  earlier.

The country a small besieged one during 1949-1966′ was a new country, there were a lot of mistakes, but three fatal ones helped to sow the bitter and terrible seeds of today, in my opinion.

One) From 1948 till 1966, there were waves of  Jews who came from all over the world, the bulk came from the Islamic countries, what we refer to s Mizraim or Edot Ha-Mizrak. They came with a certain culture, because of erroneous concept, a stupid contempt and a disastrous patronizing,  by the left, which  was the main ruler of Israel, they became the underclass, their culture was degraded, thy were herded first to transitory camp, dwelt at the poor sections of Israel’\s established cities, herded to new ones in the North and South, all of this produced an unmitigated, pure hatred to anything and anyone who was leftist, add the fact, tha they came from an anti-  democratic, anti liberal countries and states, and there you have people who despise democracy, hate the left, and waiting for a revenge. And it came in 1977, the Likud exploit their feelings, made them more fascist, more extremes, more blind,  and came to power in this year, and ruled for the past 40 years(Save for Rabin’s short tenure in 1992-1995, Barak in 1999-2001, and the Kadima party of Sharon and Ulmart in 2006-2009).And the irony was that this party and other  secular ones, were not encouraging them to be their leaders, Begin,. Lieberman,.Bennet, all wer, and are shall we say  not from Yemen or Morocco, Syria or Iraq. Let’s not generalize, there are many Mizraim who are leftists, and many who switched side from the Likud to the left. There are people who are troubled like me, and no doubt they are ashamed when they hear the few scream  slogans, and crave policy, which Mussolini, and Goebbels would approve.

The second mistake was the treatment of  our Arab Israeli citizens. The defeat in 1948, brought by a number of reasons, chief among them was the Palestinian Leadership, a fanatic, pro-Islamic, pro-Nazi one, which did not cater rightly for its own people, divided the Arabs into the 48 Arabs and the Palestinian Diaspora, in Israel  the Arab Citizens suffered from a harsh despotic , discriminatory military rule, which culminated in 1956, when a group of Israel Border patrol killed Arab civilians , in Kafr Kassim. An act, which would’ve been a turning point, and would’ve terminate the military rule altogether, instead it was abolished in 1966. The discrimination, brought also racial policy, which was manifested in land confiscation, and pushed the Arabs to ethnic conclaves, which didn’t give them a chance to mobilize and assimilated within Israel. It pushed many of them towards the extremists, some defected to the PLO like Mahmud Darwish, a renoned poet , others were vocals and anti-Israeli elsewhere, when they could movie to other countries.

The third mistake, is the artificial definiton of Israel as a”Jewish and Democratic State”. It’s a verey artificial and illogical definition, a state is by definition is not religious, wqhile judaism is a religion, rather than defining itself:”A Democratic secular state of Jewish Majority”, Israel chose this amoprphic meaningless phrase. This mistake caused us to abandon democracy, and to look for more parochialk Iran like statehood, add the fact that we have religiuopus parties, like Aguda, Shach, or The Jewish Home(“Ha Bayit Hayehudi), which promot this idea, and understand the mess Israel is in it.

Six days war, berought forth the three mistakesm exasberated them, Israel became a monstrocity, we have today a coalition of trigger happy zealots, people who will either feel home at Stalins’USSR, Pinoche and Peroin;s Chikle and Argentine, Mussolini’s Italy, and alas, some extreme persons withion these partiues, who wish for a raciual policy , which is a  copy of the Nurenberg racial laws of 1935.


The lefyt is not in a postition to reberl,, so is the center the so called central parties of a Nethanyahu wannabe like the ex TCVAnchorman/ccoluminst Yair Lapid is pathetic, and  our Minister of  Finance Moshe Kahlon’s party (“We are one Kul;anu) is basically washing and whitening the  currwent gfoverment. More nd more rules are being proclaimed and written, which remind an outsider of Germany in 1935, Italy in 1925, and other third world praetorian societies.


Still, when some one say that Israel won’t survive its 100thj, or 80th, or 75th. I don’t  think .that  inaccurate prophecies can tell what will happen I do believe, that maybe we’ll pul, through, maybe we’ll withdraw from Occupied Palestine to a more secure and compact borders along the Simaria and Judea Ridges, who can tell? There is a saying a the Talmud, roughly it translates:”When the second temple was destroyed, the prophesy was bestowed upon fools and chikldren”. Well, I;’m neither, so all I can do is hope and wish, wish and   hope. And let me finish by writing to you:







  1. Brilliant and clear as always. I include 45 among the fascists and crypto fascists you name at the end of your post.

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