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The Dror Izhar’s list of the 2017 movies best, and disappointments So 2017 is over

Hello dear six readers of mine, long time too long, too long.

But as you know my excuse I was busy doing my movie. I am rewriting my book’s 1st .

so yes, I have these two excuses, which are still.true.  So let’s hope for two small wishes this coming year.One) That my movie will be released, and 2) That my book will be published( Just the 1st volume, I have yet to sweat over the second one)   


These are the 10:; and now  let’s review the 10 movies I loved and adored

1)Places, Faces-Varda&JR

2).Moonlight Brian Jenkins

3)Dunkirk Christopher Nolan

4(The other side of hope- Kaurismakis

5)- -Wind River Taylor Sheridan(Split- M .Night Shmalyan

6)longing Shabi Gabizon

7)The museum Ran Tal

8)Inner house/Beyond the hills and the mountains Kolirin Gideon& Ethan Green

9)The Salesman– Ashgar Farhady

10)Mahah Haj& Mayslon  Between the sea and the lan/Personal matters


Foxtrot-Shmyuel Maoz

Victoria& Abdul Stepehn Frears

Nearly made it

John Lee Hancock-The Founder

LoganWolverine-James Mangold

wONDER WOMANPatti Jenkins

– Hidden figures-Theodoere Malfi

Lucky Logan Steven Soderbergh/                                                 


Documentaries are usually not on my list, but this year two made it, and proved once and for all, that sometimes they’re better than fiction. Agnes Varda and her compatriot JR,, a photographer who never takes off his sunglasses(Except at the end, and it’s done with a surprising element), are doing a road movie across France, its back  roads, abandoned or Empty  abandoned towns and villages and presenting us with a landscape full of somberem.

yet whimsical look, a movie which is an instant classic.

The American independent cinema is still alive and kicking, and moonlight is a prime  example. Brian Jenkins, is a harrowing, uncompromising, and unflinching tale of growing up in America’s worst living condition.An African American boy’s grown up both sexually and maturely, to a life of grim and dead end existences, is the best indictment of America I saw, no amount of news on Tv, or paper essay, can give you an iota of America as this  movie did, the fact that it won an oscar, is in itself a rarity, since the industry ‘s outlook was terrible to say the least.

 3)Dunkirk-Christopher Nolan’s movie isn’t for anyone, many vilified as well as cheered his vision. A realistic look, at times unbearably raw and violent, this is a war picture which leaves you at the edge of your seat, and some of its images like the pilot who stuck at the Lamanche Canal, is still haunting. A Plus, though IK might add that Leslie Norman’s 1958 namesake film was in his own right fantastic.

4)The Other side of hope Aki Kaurismaky’s movie is about the new European society, a society which face refugees from Syria, and elsewhere, a society which can either hark back to Nazism and Fascism , or maybe accept the other. Kauriosmaki is neither a severe judge, nor a homily type glib film maker, a funny bittersweet tale about the unlikely friendship between a restaurant giver owner to a Syrian refugee, gives you some jolting realistic scenes, along with a guarded optimism.

5)Two thrillers grace this  rating, different from each other, one is by a newcomer, another by a veteran of sorts, Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River is a bleak thriller about tracking down a murder, a movie which pits Native American and white society, modern vs. ancient, and is another outlook on rural America, a Must for anyone who wants to understand America, M,Night Shmalyan made some  fantastic movies, some terrible ones, and Split is a jewel. a asp;it personality\’s psychopat kidnaps three high school, girls, only one will survive. The premise is done over, right? Not so. James McAvoy  prove to anyone, that he’s a fantastic actor, and one can only think of a Hopkins or say Sanders(Both Brits), in a role l;ike that. A Chiller  and a school in every department.

6-8) Well what a year for  the Israeli movies.Let’s start with the documentary. Ran Tal made a superb portrayal of a museum. The Jerusalem  Museum, a national monument is come to life, and its inhabitants, and its onlookers  present us with a vivid collective groups of Israelis. if one wish to understand Jerusalem and Israelies, one can’t look further than this  wonderful and realistic portrayal.

The Israeli family is a litmus paper of our society, two family mellers, and one dramatic comedy made it to the honorable 7, and 8th Longing Shabi Gabizon’s(7) is a beautiful mixture of comedy and drama, the search for the soon he never met, leads a cold industrialist to Acre, here, he’s finding the answers to his son’s life, complicated, funny, tragic, and above all a life lesson, which for a strange reason gives us hope that maybe there’s something good in Israeli society. An ensemble cast and a fantastic screenplay served us with a vision, at times surrealist, at times realistic.

Eran Kolirin’s “Beyond the hills”, and Ethan Green’s “Inner rooms” are two coins, if one expose the lying and cheating of family members(Kollirin), the other raise the question of home as a symbol(Green), both are excellent pieces of work, everything works in these movies script, acting, photography, music, et.-If you still want to glimpse at the Israeli Jewish society, and Ran Tal didn’t give you a an ample understanding, these movies will.

9)Ashgar Farahdy deserved an oscar, his movie is about forgiveness, mistaken identity, and again a very brave and uncompromising look at the Iranian society, an actor and actress, move to a building, while staging Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. Farahdy, a rather unppopular  in his country, delivers us a  moving and searing collective portrayal of a society torn between machismo and tenderness, modernity and ancient conventions. A movie which in my opinion, will become one of this decades classics.


10)And finally another two Israeli movies.This time  both made by Isra Palestinian/Isra Arabs women, Masha Haj’s |”Personal matters”, is about an Arab Christian Family whose siblings scattered act=roos th Europe(Sweden), and the Palestinian Territory, the elderly couple can’t really communicate, their son and daughter have their own problems, their son who reside in Sweden invites them to meet his Swedish wife to be. Mahan Haj delivers us a dense, funny, lyrical and bittersweet vision of a society who is tearing itself apart both externally and internally. If Haj is dubious in her conclusion(That’s life). Mayslon Hamoud’s movie is a feminist, brazen, funny, uplifting, and sad portrayal of Arab women in Israel. e whose life empty, the other Lesbian opts for Berlin, the other woman will find its own voice and become free woman. A group female’s audacious, funny, dramatic and above all a revelation both of a talent, and as actresses, who deliver an ensemble acting which never let go.

And yes there were the disappoint,. Foxtrot is an example, a movie which was heaped with praises, yet I found it terribly boring, its cinematic language creaking and old fashioned, and all in all a treatment which is a ragtag of subjects, which left me cold and utterly indifferent to the people’s destinies. It won an Ophir, and I asked myself why?

There were other disappointments, some sequels who never made it, some movies which were waste of time, but let me end with Stephen Frears, a director I  adored, he made fantastic movies, during his time, this year he made an attempt to replace Richard Attenborough. He succeeded, “Victori&Abdul”‘ is a pedestrian, false,  and  boring piece of celluloid shit, a movie which didnt;t have any purpose, other than cashing on Judy Dench’s cting abilities, and worse It didn’t get any new insights about Britain, its empire,  India’s .

Musloioms, British Colonialism  dysfunctional Royal family.


Well this is the sumup of 2017, and let’s hope for a better year.




One thought on “The Dror Izhar’s list of the 2017 movies best, and disappointments So 2017 is over

  1. Thank you, Dror. A doc that long stayed with me after I left the theater: אחריך In her Footsteps. The costs (not financial) and rewards of getting what you want.

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